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Your A-Team.

No really. This is Us.

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meet the team

Last Word Designs was founded by Anthony and Lauren LeDonne.

Yes, we have the same last name, and please allow us to clarify any awkward wondering: we're married, not brother/sister. Yikes. Uncomfortable conversation averted, and you're welcome.

We have a few things in common beyond the last name:

a) a passion for happy hour

b) a dog (Bailey)

c) the belief that the Internet is basically one big cocktail party, and that if you want to be the best host, the best-dressed, or even the most captivating guest, you need a killer website and a clear, consistent brand.

In other words, your online presence needs game.

we can help.


Design is our side-hustle.

here's why that's a good thing ...

While we are passionate about sleek design, and can geek out about fonts with the best of them, neither of us is originally a designer by trade.

wait, hear us out!


See, while we both have backgrounds in the online world, we initially ditched the 9-to-5 to follow our dreams. Lauren is a New York Times best-selling romance author, and Anthony is a stand-up comedian / baller chef / photographer / writer (a true modern renaissance man, if he does say so himself).

When our respective careers started to take off, it came time for us to get a professional website. We looked at a lot of amazing designers, only to realize that while they were amazingly talented at the nuances of design, they didn't quite seem to speak our language in terms of business-savvy, marketing know-how, social media growth, the publishing world, etc. 

And then we realized:

we can do this. 

We know how to build a website that's both beautiful and functional.

We know that a website must make a first great impression, but it also needs to work for you. 

So we built our own websites.

And then our friends' and family's website. Before we knew it, we realized it wasn't just something we were good at—it was something we loved.

and thus, last worD Designs was born



The Bios

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lL: branding & Pretty Stuff


Lauren Layne is what's known as a double-threat. Triple threat, if you count her knowledge of wine and cocktails, which we definitely do. As both a New York Times bestselling author and a former e-commerce/web marketing geek, LL is our ace-in-the-hole when it comes to best practices for websites and branding. You need her.

Anthony LeDonne Is A Hottie With A Body.jpg

anth: operations & general nerdery 

Where to start with this guy. He's part web-designer, part bartender, part blogger, part chef, part comedian, and full-time is it happy hour yet? With a background in technology consulting, stand-up comedy, recruiting, coding, and other dork-mobile stuff, he's exactly the guy you want to chat with over martinis about stuff like SEO and transferring your domain name.

Bailey LeDonne Loves Her A Good Negroni.jpg

BAiLEy: ThE BoSs

LoVeS: ChiKKeN anD PeTs. 

hATeS: VAcUUm-MOnStEr aNd BoOMs*