basic website


Who it's for:

Debut authors, new brands, up-and-comers who need a basic, professional web presence that looks great on both desktop and mobile.


How it works:

We'll build you a site that looks just like this one, but with your logo, your content, your colors.


What's included:

In addition to updating the logo and colors to reflect your brand, the basic website comes with 6 pages* (typically, clients use these pages for homepage, about page, contact page, and 3 product pages (or book pages, if you're an author). Need a blog? We can make that one of the six pages!

*Additional pages are only $25 each.

Full description of Basic Website inclusions below


How it's different than our custom website:

The basic website is a template-website built to look exactly like this one. We'll update with your colors/logo/and content, but additional pages and customization are extra. 

If you want something just for you, check out our custom websites.


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What's Included

in all our website plans:

First year Squarespace subscription. Annual subscription beyond the first year is the client's responsibility, and is based on pricing set by Squarespace as seen here)

Set-up: We'll take care of the tech-y stuff. We'll deal with hosting, domain mapping, and all the "nerd speak" you don't want to deal with. Need us to transfer your existing domain? We can do that. Want a brand new URL? We can take care of that too.

Both our Basic and Custom Websites include 6 website pages. This typically includes a homepage, contact page, about page, services/products/book page, plus two pages of client's choosing. Additional pages beyond the initial six are $25/each.

MailChimp Newsletter Integration. Integration with alternate email marketing services is an option, but may cost extra depending on the custom code required.  

Mobile-friendly / Responsive design. All our websites are built on the Squarespace platform, and are guaranteed to look great on mobile devices.

Social media integration. We'll connect your new website with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, GoodReads, YouTube, etc.

Custom color scheme. Our Basic & Custom websites will be built with your preferred color scheme of 1-4 colors. Bring your own, or we can help you choose. Please note that glitter/sparkle/metallic elements are only available for Custom Websites.

On-boarding and transition documentation. After we hand off your new site, you'll our Squarespace hand-off document, plus two hours of support (email, phone chat, screen share, whatever you need). For those of you who don't want to deal with the nitty-gritty, we offer a Bottomless Updates plan for $50/month where we'll take care of all your edits for you.

what does a Custom website include that a Basic website does not?

The Custom website is a unique website designed with your preferences in mind. The Basic sites will all look pretty much like this one, with colors/fonts/content adjusted per client request.

Custom logo design. While we will update the logo / site title on the Basic site with your logo/name, the customization is limited to a set number of basic fonts/style. For our custom customers, we create a logo just for them, with multiple rounds of review, additional design elements, etc.

Complete customization. Want branded imagery? Green glitter? A rotating banner to feature your upcoming products? A silver frame around your author photo? Fancy blog integration? Our custom website includes all of that. The basic website includes uploading of the images you provide us (usually headshot, product images, book covers, etc), with very few frills.