Bottomless Updates

(for existing Last Word Designs clients only)

You had me at bottomless...

We built you an awesome site. Told you how easy it was to maintain. And sent you on your merry way. 

But then you got lost in your writing lair...

Or distracted by your upcoming book's full court marketing press...

And suddenly that "Coming Soon" graphic on your homepage is out of date.

Like a month out of date. 

You know you need to change it. Put something new up there. But you've got deadlines. And your PA's busy fielding Facebook posts.

Squarespace is easy, but what if your time is better spent on writing?

Calm down. Everything's going to be okay. 



...drum roll please...


We launched Bottomless Updates!

I'm intrigued. Tell me more...

Have a new book deal and need a book page for it? We'll build it.

Need a new series page so your readers know about that awesome new series? We've got you covered.

Updated cover? New blurb, new buy links, new series? Yes, yes, yes and yes. 

What if I have a homepage graphic that says "Coming Soon" but the release date passes. Will you fix that too? Absolutely.

We do 100% of your updates.

How much does it cost?


Wait, What? Really?

Yeah. Really.

It only costs $50/month, and you guys do all my updates? Keep my site feeling fresh and never out of date?

Yes. As long as you tell us about your updates, we'll do everything for you.

How does it work?

(1) You can send us a new cover, tell us how many books are in the new billionaire series, anything.

(2) We'll make the changes within 2 weeks, although we've been averaging a few days for most requests [because we're that good].

(3) If your changes are time sensitive (e.g., for a book release/launch) please make sure to note that in the request! Otherwise we'll assume the changes are flexible and can be taken care of as soon as we're able.

What if I hit the NYT Bestsellers List and wanna update my site NOW?

We're asking for the extra time to ensure that we can provide the same great service to everyone. But we're not going to be jerks about it. If we have time, we'll take care of you as soon as we possibly can. That could be the same day. It could be tomorrow. [It could be never if you sass us.]

What if I decide I want to do all the updates myself?

You totally can. Just cancel the subscription anytime. Our feelings won't be hurt. (Well, maybe a little, but we'll get over it.)

I want to sign up. Immediately.

We hear ya. And you can sign up right here.

I can't tell you how grateful I am.

Stop it. You're too kind. No seriously, just sign up and get going on your next book. You've got deadlines!