A Luxury Design Experience

Brand Design

if the online world is one big cocktail party, what are you wearing? Let us help you be the best dressed!

Investment: $1,000


A new logo, color-scheme, and aesthetic for a cohesive online presence

Who it’s for

Anyone who wants visual consistency across social media, newsletter, business cards, but isn't quite ready for our full web design package.


1 week, assuming we get all the information we need from you in a timely manner! (Don’t worry, we'll deliver a fun, friendly form for you to fill out!) 



What's Included

Our Brand Creation Package is $1,000 and includes:

Brand Worksheet
Logo Creation
Custom Color Palette
Font Selection   
Brand board

Social Media Assets available for an additional charge



Why do I need a brand?

Most people think of their brand as their visual identity, and that's absolutely true — the more consistent your brand, the more people will remember you.

But we believe that brand is about more than the way you or your company looks. Brand is also a dialog—it's the conversation between you and your ideal customer, letting them know what to expect from you and your products.

Brand is about the way you make your website visitors or social media followers feel. The right font and colors are more than just the pretty wrapping of your website/social media presence. The right font/color/logo combination is crucial for communicating with your audience, letting them whether your vibe is elegant, casual, fun, formal, approachable, etc.

How does it work?

We'll send you an interactive survey that helps walk you through the discovery process for your ideal brand identity. From there we'll put together a logo, color scheme, and fonts. Once we've perfected your brand, we'll deliver your logo and an official brand board for showing off your new look!

How much say do I get in my logo/colors!

Based on your survey answers, we'll put together three logo options. Once you pick your favorite, we'll do up to three rounds of tweaking to make sure we get it just right!

Can I book you guys for brand development now, and a full web design later?

Absolutely! And since branding is included in the website package, we'll subtract the $1,000 you already paid for branding when you're ready for the website!*

* this assumes that we're not making any changes to your brand and are using the same logo/colors/fonts we've already created for you. Note that we do not offer discounts for branding created by someone else.