Getting Started with Last Word Designs

We are so excited you decided to trust us with your brand new site! Below are a few questions to help us understand who you are, what you're looking for, and how we can help you create your dream website!

This is just to get us started. It's okay if you're not confident on all of the answers; we can always adjust direction as we get underway.

The Pesky But Necessary Details
Your "Real" Name *
Your "Real" Name
Your Pen Name
Your Pen Name
If writing under different name than above.
Write under multiple names? Please list them here. Also let us know whether a) you're looking for unique sites for each name or b) you're looking to bring them together under one umbrella site.
Have multiple websites?
We already know you want a website, but we also know sometimes it's not as simple as that! What exactly are you looking for? For most of you, that will simply be "new author website," but if you're looking to combine pen names onto one main website, or maybe separate pen names onto different websites, etc, here's your chance to explain!
Your New Website
This will help us understand how many pages you need so we can build an accurate quote for you.
Requested Pages *
Which of the below pages would you like us to build?
Any other custom pages you'd like us to build, not listed above?
How many books do you have? This should include your backlist, as well as any upcoming books that are already contracted and/or announced.
How many unique series do you have?
Buy Links to Include
Which of the below e-retailer links do you want us to include? You'll be able to provide the exact links to us in a later form, but we encourage you to start thinking now about how many links you want. Keep in mind that fewer links will result in a cleaner, more professional appearance. For this reason, we recommend limiting links to your main source of sales, but of course, we can add as many links as you'd like.
The Fun Stuff
Where we discuss your dream site.
For example, should we keep your same color scheme? Do you love your logo?
How would you sum up your brand/vibe/style in 3 words. Some examples: • Sassy, sexy, flirty. • Dark, edgy, sexy • Suspenseful, twisted, unexpected. • Fun, feminine, sweet. • Fresh, modern, adventurous.
What colors do you tend to gravitate towards? Bolds, pastels, blues, pinks, metallics, etc. If you already have a color scheme in mind, please list here.
Any colors we should stay away from?
Please list a website you love. It can be a fellow author site, or just a brand whose "look" you admire (katespade, Tiffany & Co, etc)
Tell us what you love about this website. Is there anything you'd change or avoid in your own site?
Please give us another site you like. This helps us SO MUCH in figuring out what look you're envisioning in your own site!
Same drill. What do you love about website #2, and what would you change (if anything)
Last one, we promise!
Almost done ...
When people come to your homepage, what do you want them to see? Should it be more about YOU (author headshot, etc)? Do you want it to be devoted entirely to your current/upcoming release? Do you want your blog to be front and center? Or are you looking for more of a "jump page" with a little bit of everything (links to your current books, upcoming, About section, blog, etc).
Already have a bio ready to go? Please paste it here. If not, we can add it in later, no worries!
Do you have an existing logo you'd like us to use?
This is included in all design packages.
If we're creating your logo, any specific font requests for your name? ie, do you like clean, "basic" fonts? Feminine "script" fonts? Something bold and edgy? Do have a thing for all caps? All lowercase?
Is there any "bestseller" accolade you'd like us to include in your logo (examples: USA Today, NYT, Amazon, International bestseller, etc)
Is there any other tagline we should include in your logo (in addition to or instead of the "bestseller" status above).
Here's your chance to ramble about your dream site and discuss anything we didn't cover above! Do you love white space? Sparkle? Do you want lots of images, no images? Do you like side navigation or want a picture of a seahorse? (note: it's also perfectly common to not know exactly what you want, in which case just type, "Make me something pretty.")