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Easily customize all of our templates with your name, your books, genre, your style. (Don't worry, we'll walk you through it!)

Emma Woodhouse

Squarespace Template

Clean & Classic

The Emma Woodhouse is one of our most universally adaptable templates. Simply change the imagery and colors for a whole new feel! Ideal for authors with 10 or fewer books, though it can be easily expanded to accommodate big backlists.

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Our templates are available on two fantastic, easy-to-use DIY platforms. Pick your favorite style, and begin customizing  with your name, book info, and (optionally) refresh with your own colors.

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Squarespace Templates

From $399*

Modern designs built on a straightforward drag-and-drop platform, perfect for writers who want something that looks great "out of the box" with minimal fussing. 



From $999*

Looking for something you can personalize to your heart's content? The Showit platform offers a fully custom experience for writers who want complete control, especially over the mobile experience.

*Template Price does not include the monthly cost of a Squarespace or Showit subscription, which is required to use our templates.

Squarespace Templates

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Drag-and-drop website templates, designed specifically for authors.

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