Why we only work on Squarespace


One of the the questions we get get asked most often is:

I like your designs, but I want my website built on Wordpress - can you do that?


I mean, we could, but we’re not going to. 

It’s not personal. We like you, but we also like Squarespace a lot better than we do Wordpress. 

Here’s why:

(1) Ease of Use

At Last Word Designs, we’re not just committed to building you a great site — we’re committed to building a great site that you can update yourself.

This is part of Squarespace’s magic. Everything is drag and drop, there are no plugins to install, no code to learn, no constant updating to the latest version of your theme/plugin/whatever. 

All of Squarespace’s key features (newsletter blocks, social media icons, slider images, announcement bar, etc) is built into the platform, so it comes “out of the box” being ready-to-use. 

Plus, Squarespace’s customer service is killer. Unlike Wordpress where you have to juggle the various “how to’s” of your plugins, your theme, and the Wordpress itself, Squarespace keeps it all in one place with gorgeous,  non-techie-approved tutorial videos. See what we mean

(2) Better Value

Now, some of you are probably wanting to call BS on this particular claim, because, hey, because Wordpress is FREE and Squarespace is not, right?
Only partially right.

See, Wordpress can be free. You can find a basic, free template, and launch a basic, bare-bones website.

But chances are, if you’ve seen a really gorgeous, feature-rich Wordpress site … not so free. 

The most attractive Wordpress templates are costly. The most talented designers are expensive. The best plugins cost money. Same goes for the hosting. Not to mention unless you’re incredibly tech-savvy, you may end up having to pay someone to keep your site updated for you.

I’ve heard another Squarespace-fanatic compare Wordpress pricing to airlines: you may be able to find a really cheap ticket, but if you want leg room, checked bags, food, etc … all extra.

Squarespace, on the other hand, is more like an all-inclusive resort. It’s one payment for all the features.


(3) Gorgeous, Modern Designs 

Hands down though, our favorite part of about Squarespace is how effortlessly gorgeous the websites are.

Whether you like lots of white space, or lots of images, Squarespace templates look modern, fresh and professional.

Nothing pains us more a clunky site that looks like it crawled out of 2008, and because Squarespace is always updating their default templates (which we customize for you!) you never have to worry about your site looking outdated.

Bonus: every single Squarespace site is built to be responsive, meaning that it automatically detects when your site visitor is on a mobile device, and changes the display to be iPhone (or whatever) friendly. We can’t say the same about all Wordpress templates.

Nope, Sorry I still like Wordpress better!

We understand that there those of you out there that aren’t sold—for whatever reason, you love Wordpress just as much as we love Squarespace.
And while we absolutely respect that, we’re just not the right designer for you! 

The good news is, there are a lot of awesome Wordpress designers out there. In fact, we even personally recommend a few Wordpress designers who we think are doing an exceptional job with author websites:

For those of you who do want to join the Squarespace fan club … 

We’d love to work with you!