Our Story

No, you spend too much time together.

We're married. And both work from home full-time. From a tiny NYC apartment.

First, the elephant in the room:

It all began in December 2006 when two high school sweethearts got married in Washington State...

After the champagne, we entered the Seattle corporate world. Anthony, as a technology consultant. Lauren, as an e-commerce and web marketing manager. It was fine.

In 2011, we moved from Seattle to New York City, where Lauren left the corporate world to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a writer. While navigating the world of "full-time author," one fact became abundantly and disturbingly clear:

Most Author Websites are terrible.

Yep, we went there. Everywhere we looked, author websites—even among the "big names" were old-fashioned, unresponsive (fancy word for "looks like crap on mobile devices), and quite often: just plain ugly.

It was not to be borne.

A designer friend introduced us to Squarespace—a DIY platform that allowed for clean, professional websites "out-the-box." We later discovered Showit—another DIY platform with incredible customization. Those two platforms, combined with Lauren's web marketing background fueled the fire that eventually became the Last Word Designs mission statement...

nailed it.

Great writers deserve great websites.

in which we introduce ourselves

Lauren Layne

Hi, I'm Lauren Layne! I'm a New York Times bestselling author of romantic fiction. When not writing happily ever afters, you can probably find me shopping for fonts I don't need, geeking out a piece of minimalist design, or finding the perfect neutral color palette.

Lauren's Website

Anthony LeDonne

Oh, yeah. And I'm married to this guy...

I'm a comedian, writer, and award-winning photographer. When not doing stand-up comedy, you can usually find me cooking something tasty and photographing it. 

Put your dumb headshot here.

Anthony's Website

Favorite TV Show

Where we stand on, like, the really important stuff:



New Girl & Big Bang Theory

In Living Color

Celebrity Crush



Michael Bublé

Michael Bublé

Favorite Cocktail





Spends too much money on



Skincare products 

My wife's skincare products

My Jam



"Make Your Own Kind of Music"

Anything by Queen

Guilty Obsession




Camera gear