About Last Word Designs

Last Word Designs is a boutique web design company specializing in elegant web design for brands looking for a clean, modern aesthetic.

All of our websites are built on the Squarespace platform, as we find them to be the best in the business for modern design, mobile-device-friendliness, and ease-of-use for those clients who want something they can maintain on their own after we hand it off.

The brains behind the magic

As writers with a background in web marketing & coding, husband-and-wife team Anthony and Lauren LeDonne set out to set a better standard for author websites.

Eventually, the side-hustle expanded beyond websites for writers, and LWD clients now include everyone from #1 NYT bestselling authors, restaurants, comedy schools, PR companies and more.

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Our philosophy

Because Last Word Designs is only one of our creative endeavors, we're very selective about which clients we accept.

Our dream client shares our philosophy that the ideal website is professional and easy-to-use. We won't hesitate to tell you that the best logo may in fact be "boring" (see, Apple, Tiffany & Co, Nike, Amazon), or that when it comes to colors, less is often more.

Think we might be a fit? We'd love to hear from you.